"Hey, I just want to tell you what an awesome job Maggie did before leaving. She blew off everything (and I mean everything) even my front porch which I've been meaning to do for weeks. SO AWESOME! And then I saw her cleaning up that annoying crap that falls off my trees from the curb in the street. Super impressive. Thanks so much, everything looks great!"

~ Nikki Keiser, customer since 2015

"Laurie and the Lily team have been instrumental in helping us transform our garden from an abstract ideal into a reality. They have worked with us in replacing grassy lawns with a lovely urban oasis of fruit trees, local flora, and sedums. Lots and lots of lovely, low maintenance sedums." 

- Evelyn + Joe Grundy

Yeah. She really is this classy. 

Hop, hop. 

Hop, hop. 

Your personal delivery, coming up.

Your personal delivery, coming up.

About Laurie & the Philly Lily team!


About Me

Hi! I'm Laurie and this is my company. Philly Lily, llc. was inspired when I l was in Philadelphia, attending Moore College of Art and Design. I completed a fine arts degree in 3-D sculpture and wanted to apply those concepts to outdoor spaces. When custom-designing a space, I see the landscape as a big, outdoor, living sculpture. This is what makes my work unique. I have since returned to my hometown of Kansas City and have been working in landscaping and design for over 15 years. The only thing I share an equal passion for is my beautiful family - my amazing husband Scottie, our almost 7 year old daughter Annie, Tag the Wonder Dog, + Magic McNaughty Dog. We are residents in Parkville, MO and here to put down roots for years to come!



About Philly Lily, LLC

Philly Lily, llc. was established in Kansas City in 2012 and has been blooming ever since!

As the owner, I want to be able to guide each customer on their journey to create their own perfectly fitted custom-designed outdoor space. I want to offer services that are meaningful for each client, with smart design and skilled execution for beautiful results. 

In the next five years, I want this company to continue to grow and expand. I want a crew of 12 highly skilled crew members working full-time in the field. I want to provide them with great work trucks + the best tools. I want to offer a living wage with benefits + a 30 hour work week. I want to continue to operate with as little overhead as possible. I believe that there's a link between happy clients and happy employees!

I also want a company that gives back. We volunteer our services for Kansas City's CASA branch. We use the best local venders for stock + local artists for our merchandise. We have even begun a grade-school design contest. When you hire us, you are also giving back to the city that we all call home. 

Philly Lily, llc. is my pride and passion and it thrills me to be in the business of filling Kansas City with beautiful, unique landscape design. I love this work because I get to keep learning!